Frequently Asked Questions

There are no subscription or other fees of any kind to setup your account. All fees are included in the price quoted for each shipment.

  • Billing Account
  • Credit Card
  • ACH
  • Bank Wire

*Billing accounts are subject to the internal credit approval guidelines of our logistics providers. Billing account eligibility, credit line, and terms vary by provider, and their respective credit policies and risk tolerance levels.
You can have unlimited users! Invite everyone you want to be able to book shipments under your account.
Each quote you receive will be clearly marked with either a spot estimate or price guarantee label. Either way, once you book your order, the price is locked in.
Just login to your account and select the shipment you want to track. You can also configure email notifications for certain events, such as pickup and delivery.
Our contactless e-sign enables shippers, receivers, and carriers to release and accept goods digitally. A PDF version of the delivery receipt will be automatically available in the documents section of your booking.