Linear Feet Calculator

Enter your freight information to get the deck space linear feet

You can enter the quantity and dimensions of your pallets or other units, or alternatively, enter the total cubic feet to estimate the linear footage required for your shipment. This tool is designed to help you maximize the utilization of trailer space and determine the linear footage.

This tool performs the calculations to determine the linear feet occupied by your shipment in a trailer. It considers whether your units are stackable, calculates the approximate trailer space, and rounds up the linear feet to the nearest 4 feet to provide you with the most practical result as it relates to estimating deck space and shipping cost.

Trailer Dimensions

The default values represent the a standard 53' Dry Van. Adjust as necessary.

Approximate linear footage
Linear Feet Trailer %
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This tool provides an estimate based on the given inputs and does not account for real-world variables. In practice, the available space in a trailer may vary due to factors like the shape of the cargo, loading methods, and any obstructions within the trailer. The tool provides a theoretical calculation based on the given dimensions, but it may not account for all real-world variations.