Capped Fee Program

Leverage the FreightSideKick network to save on your next project.


What is the Capped Fee Program?

Our Capped Fee Program is a new approach to managing spot market prices for project freight. It is designed to provide our customers with transparency in carrier selection and cost. This program is currently available for qualified projects.

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Project Proposal

We start by researching your needs and assessing market conditions for your upcoming project.


Capacity Sourcing

We source carriers from our network of over 100,000 carriers and extended capacity tools.


Capped Fee

Our fees are capped for each shipment based on agreed terms and we pass all the savings on to you.


Trust But Verify

All carrier invoices are made available for download in your account for cost verification.

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Capped Fee

Program Benefits

With experience in managing project freight, including oversized and heavy cargo, wind farm components, cranes, and various construction projects, we offer comprehensive planning, capacity, and freight management services. Our responsive service team, coupled with our collaborative tools, ensures project execution.

Project freight is a high-margin activity for freight brokers and other intermediaries. We provide competitive rates through aligned incentives and transparency. Plus, you can utilize our freight workspace platform, with features that include:

  • Scheduling
  • Live Tracking
  • Document Storage
  • User Access Controls

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