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The HITACHI CX900 CRANES are a powerhouse in the construction industry, boasting a maximum lifting capacity of up to 90 tons and a maximum boom length of 61 meters, making them ideal for heavy lifting tasks on large-scale projects. Equipped with advanced technology such as the HIOS III hydraulic system and the ECO mode for fuel efficiency, these cranes offer precision control and optimal performance. The spacious cab provides operators with comfort and visibility, while the robust design ensures durability and reliability in the most demanding work environments. Whether it's lifting steel beams on a high-rise construction site or handling materials in a busy port, the HITACHI CX900 CRANES deliver exceptional lifting capabilities and efficiency, making them a top choice for construction professionals worldwide.
Length Width Height Weight
21' 0" 11' 2" 11' 3" 175,000 Lbs

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