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The SNORKEL S3010P AERIAL LIFTS are compact and versatile machines designed for indoor and outdoor use, with a platform height of 30 feet and a lift capacity of 500 lbs. Equipped with a reliable electric motor, these lifts offer smooth and precise maneuverability, making them ideal for a wide range of applications in construction, maintenance, and installation projects. The S3010P features a narrow design for easy access through standard doorways and tight spaces, while its sturdy construction ensures stability and safety during operation. With a variety of optional accessories available, such as material trays and pipe racks, the SNORKEL S3010P AERIAL LIFTS provide efficiency and convenience on the job site, making them a valuable asset for any fleet of construction equipment.
Length Width Height Weight
3' 11" 2' 4" 5' 10" 815 Lbs

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