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About Butte

Butte, Montana, is a city with a rich history in mining and transportation. Known as the "Richest Hill on Earth," Butte was once a booming mining town that produced a significant amount of copper, silver, and other valuable minerals. The city's mining industry played a crucial role in the development of the American West and contributed to the growth of the nation's economy. The transportation of these minerals was essential to Butte's success, with railroads playing a vital role in moving goods to markets across the country.

One of the most iconic features of Butte's transportation history is the historic Butte, Anaconda, and Pacific Railway, also known as the "Badger." This railway was a vital link between Butte and Anaconda, another important mining town in Montana. The Badger railway transported not only minerals but also passengers, mail, and other goods, playing a key role in connecting the two cities and facilitating trade and commerce in the region. Today, the railway is no longer in operation, but its legacy lives on in the history of Butte and the surrounding area.

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