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About Harlingen

Harlingen is a city located in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. It was founded in 1904 as a shipping and agricultural center, and its name is derived from the Dutch word "haring" which means herring. The city's location along the Gulf Coast and its proximity to Mexico have made it an important hub for freight transportation.

One interesting fact about Harlingen is that it is home to the Harlingen Industrial Airpark, which is a major transportation and logistics center. The airpark is located adjacent to the Harlingen International Airport and is equipped with a 10,000-foot runway, making it capable of handling large cargo planes. It is a strategic location for companies involved in freight transportation, as it provides easy access to major highways and rail lines.

Another interesting aspect of Harlingen's transportation industry is the presence of the Port of Harlingen. The port is located on the Arroyo Colorado, a navigable waterway that connects to the Gulf of Mexico. It serves as a gateway for international trade and is an important hub for the transportation of goods. The port handles a variety of cargo, including agricultural products, petroleum, and construction materials.

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