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About Longueuil

Longueuil is a city located in the province of Quebec, Canada, just across the Saint Lawrence River from Montreal. It is the fourth largest city in Quebec and is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. The city has a strong connection to freight transportation, as it is home to the Port of Montreal, one of the largest inland ports in the world. The port plays a crucial role in the transportation of goods, with shipments of containerized cargo, bulk cargo, and general cargo passing through its facilities.

In addition to its port, Longueuil is also served by several major highways, including Autoroutes 20, 30, and 132, which connect the city to Montreal and other major cities in the region. These highways are important arteries for the transportation of goods by truck, allowing for easy access to markets in Quebec, Ontario, and the northeastern United States. Longueuil is also well-connected by rail, with several rail lines passing through the city and providing access to major rail networks.

Longueuil has a diverse economy, with industries such as aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing playing a significant role in the city's growth and development. The city is also home to a number of logistics and transportation companies that specialize in freight forwarding, warehousing, and distribution. With its strategic location, excellent transportation infrastructure, and skilled workforce, Longueuil is a key player in the freight transportation industry in Quebec and beyond.

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