uShip vs FreightSidekick

Why Expert Brokers Outperform DIY Platforms

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Platforms like uShip have gained in popularity by allowing shippers to connect directly with carriers who bid for their business. However, this model, while seemingly cost-effective, carries hidden costs and complexities that can diminish its value. In contrast, using a specialized freight broker like FreightSideKick.com offers distinct advantages in terms of service quality, cost efficiency, and a hassle-free experience.

Lower Fees

uShip operates by charging a 'match fee' or booking fee, which typically ranges from 15-20% of the shipping cost. This fee fluctuates based on the type of item being shipped and the distance it needs to travel. Despite occasional promotions that offer reduced fees, the total cost can accumulate quickly.

For instance, imagine a shipment with a total cost of $1000. Using uShip, a 'match fee' of 15-20% would add an additional $150 to $200 to your final bill. In contrast, we charge a more modest service fee of around 12%, which amounts to $120. This fee not only saves you money but also includes the full-service convenience of having us manage every aspect of the shipment for you, eliminating the need to directly coordinate with carriers.

Consistent Quality

We operate with a clear and straightforward fee structure that simplifies budgeting and planning for shipping expenses, ensuring there are no unexpected costs. Many of our carrier relationships are built on providing a significant amount of business rather than sporadic, one-off jobs. This approach not only fosters reliability and trust but often results in superior performance and service quality from our carriers.

Better Carrier Quality and Reliability

At FreightSideKick, we pride ourselves on the diligence and attention to detail that is necessary in order to provide exceptional freight services. By thoroughly vetting new partners and prioritizing performance measures on an ongoing basis, we are able to provide a level of reliability and professionalism in handling shipments that few others can (or don't take the necessary steps to acheive). Our software and services systematically reduces the risk of damage or delays.

Superior Customer Service

The broker model we employ includes dedicated support throughout the shipping process. This means any issues that arise are handled promptly by experienced professionals dedicated to customer satisfaction. uShip, while offering a broad platform for shipping options, leaves customers to manage communication and problem resolution with carriers directly, which can be less efficient and more stressful.

Simplified Logistics and Time Savings

Using FreightSideKick.com streamlines the shipping process. Customers don't need to sift through bids or negotiate with carriers; instead, they benefit from FreightSideKick's industry expertise and established relationships with carriers. This saves time and simplifies logistics, which is a significant advantage for businesses or individuals who value efficiency and want to avoid the complexities of managing shipping logistics on their own.


While platforms like uShip may appear cost-effective, the variability in service quality and hidden fees often negate these savings. Choose FreightSideKick.com for reliable service and exceptional customer support. Get a quote or contact us today for a consultation, and experience the difference firsthand.

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