Freight Shipping Class Chart

Freight Class Chart

There are several factors that determine your freight class, including density, liability, handling, and stow-ability.
You can also use our NMFC Assistance to help with a more precise classification.
Freight Class Freight Examples Weight per cubic foot
50 Durable freight that fits on a standard 4' × 4' pallet 50+ lbs.
55 Bricks, cement, hardwood flooring, construction materials 35–50 lbs.
60 Car accessories, car parts 30–35 lbs.
65 Car accessories and parts, boxed books, bottled drinks 22.5–30 lbs.
70 Car accessories and parts, auto engines, food items 15–22.5 lbs.
77.5 Tires, bathroom fixtures 13.5–15 lbs.
85 Crated machinery, cast iron stoves 12–13.5 lbs.
92.5 Computers, monitors, refrigerators 10.5–12 lbs.
100 Car covers, canvas, boat covers, wine cases, caskets 9–10.5 lbs.
110 Cabinets, framed art, table saws 8–9 lbs.
125 Small home appliances 7–8 lbs.
150 Auto sheet metal, bookcases 6–7 lbs.
175 Clothing, couches, stuffed furniture 5–6 lbs.
200 Sheet metal parts, aluminum tables, packaged mattresses, aircraft parts 4–5 lbs.
250 Mattresses and box springs, plasma TVs, bamboo furniture 3–4 lbs.
300 Model boats, assembled chairs, tables, wood cabinets 2–3 lbs.
400 Deer antlers 1–2 lbs.
500 Gold dust, ping pong balls <1 lb.

Calculate your density-based freight class

This density class calculator estimates your freight class by weight and dimensions only.
You can use our NMFC table to help with a more precise classification.

LTL Pallet Wrap
A standard pallet is 48" L x 40" W.

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