NMFC 193820

NMFC 193820 Ceiling Panels

Commodity / Product

Ceiling Panels



The word 'solid' as used herein applies only to materials which are not sponge-like and which are nonyielding to handling pressure. In square or rectangular shapes. Applies on board made of vegetable, wood or mineral fiber, separate or combined with mineral filler. Board may be plain, grooved, needled, embossed or otherwise surface textured and may be perforated with holes not exceeding 9/32 inch. Slots may be provided for the passage of air. Edges may be beveled or tongue-and-grooved, and boards may be equipped with holes for fasteners. Surfaces may also be painted or printed. When bundled, edges and corners of board must be securely protected by fiberboard or wood. In packages, subject to Item 170 and having a density in pounds per cubic foot of:

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