Vehicle Shipping Guide

How Insurance Works

How Insurance Works

Insurance is a critical aspect of car shipping to protect your vehicle during transit.

Types of Coverage

> Carrier Insurance: Covers any damage caused by the carrier in transit.
> Additional Insurance: You can purchase additional coverage if necessary.
> Contingent Coverage: You can think of this as a back up to the carrier's policy. This type of coverage is available if you're shipping with a broker.
> Personal Auto Insurance: Coverage for shipping vehicles differs between insurance companies. You can check with your insurance provider to see if your policy covers vehicle shipping and if not, ask about adding coverage.

Claims Process

Document your vehicle’s condition before shipping and inspect the vehicle upon delivery. Be sure to file a claim immediately if there is damage. While it is rare, in the event of damage we will help facilitate this process and work between you and the contracted carrier to resolve the claim. Please also read the section on Loss, Damage, or Delay Claims in our Vehicle Shipping Terms of Service.

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